Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What I Love

Tis the season where love is comtemplated more now then any other part of the year. Here's a random list a just a few of the people and things that I love, from the silly to substantive (just a few):

God, my parents, my siblings, my extended family, chocolate covered peanut clusters, pecans, pecans with raisins, quiet sundays, harriet tubman, adelaide sanford, malcolm x, kwame ture, my friends, learning, writing, reading, listening to music, teaching, akila, h20, salmon cooked with cabbage carrots peppers...on top of the stove (thanks, zed), coach bags, sexy boots, bolthouse juices, playing monopoly, open spaces, palm tress in LA, the laughter of children, being understood, being forgiven, 20 minute power naps, weekly massages, when the trains come on time, solutions to problems, order, balance, harmonious relationships, the color purple, the color silver, the bluest eye, the women of brewster place, khalil gibran, the dictionary, being wealthy.

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