Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm With Boycotting Barnes & Noble, If...

This image has been circulating around the Internet. I saw it on Facebook this weekend and I got it twice this morning. Rightfully so, there is a call for a boycott of this bookstore. The claim is that this picture was taken at a Barnes & Noble in Florida and that we should boycott all Barnes and Noble stores and their afflilates. I'm with that...if we can prove that it's Barnes & Noble that we should be boycotting.

The image above certainly looks like a Barnes & Noble window display, but we must be sure. If anyone has more details about this picture, please share them here or at I'm with joining a boycott, putting the store on blast, writing a letter, and putting pressure on the chain. And I offer this as someone whose book is retailed at this chain. But I believe we must be precise in our defense. Even in all my battle fatigue on the madness of race, I know we must first ask an important question: How do we know this is BN and not a Border's, for example?

Holla back!



Mocha Dad said...

I have received this picture several times also. However, no one can provide any proof that this photo was actually from BN or whether or not it was doctored. I'm all about holding companies accountable, but we must have all the facts.

Jamallah said...

So funny, yet so true!